Loft Conversions

Mount Everest Construction has become the specialists in turning your spare loft space into a living new space in your home. We have completed projects in Bristol and surrounding areas such as turning lofts into anything from bedrooms for children, to rooms you can rent with sites such as AirBnB. We make sure to provide the best service possible!

We do not just empty out your lofts and refurbish it, but we also rebuild them to suit your needs and any requirements you have. If you have any potential ideas for your loft, we also encourage you to bring them to us and we would love to listen! We are a reliable and professional company, happy to inform customers as needed!

Cost & timescale of loft conversion

Generally, loft conversions from most companies can become expensive. This is due to the amount of labour and material costs that go into turning your storage space into a useful room from your (or our) designs. But it also does raise the total value to your property by thousands, if not tens of thousands.

If you are generally a welcoming person, you might even be able to rent out the loft as a spare bedroom, creating yourself monthly income while over time increasing your property’s value! If you need or want to receive further information about the costs and prices of a loft conversion, please do call when possible for a chat with us and book a consultation

We should be able to give you a competitive estimate for the conversion, including some information on the advantages of converting your loft space, allowing you to create an informed opinion before you make any decision.

Now, the general usual loft conversion project with us usually takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks, but the average amount that we would usually take is 10 weeks, which is to ensure it is done in a professional and efficient manner. This usually depends on the size of the project, what kind of room you would like to convert the loft into, and any other possibilities such as furnishings. Other things may include implementing all possible design ideas you may have. This may also be because we would be following all building regulations and rules that are in place where you live, while we also ensure to follow very strict and specific health and safety codes for everyone. This includes our own workers and you.



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